Vision Engineering - Lynx LED Illuminator System for 0.3x, 0.5x, 0.7x lenses

Brand : Vision Engineering
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  1. Designed specifically for the Lynx stereo dynascopic microscope1, the new LED illuminator offers improved performance and longer life, with a fraction of the running costs of conventional halogen systems2. Brighter, whiter 14-point shadow-free illumination Latest generation LEDs provide over 10,000 hours of continuous viewing Reduced consumable and maintenance costs Reduced heat and eneregy to the subject 1 Also compatible with Alpha and Beta stereo microscopes. 2 LED illuminator running cost reduced by 80% compared to halogen illumination.
    • 14-point ringlight with custom-design aspheric lenses.
    • Power supply, with integral dimming light control and temperature control indicator.
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