Hanwha - Decan F2

  • Brand : Samsung
  • Item Number : 169-DECAN-F2
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  1. High Productivity

    Optimizing PCB transportation paths for productivity improvement

    Modular Conveyors

    • An optimal conveyor model configuration is possible according to production line composition (shuttle ? dual) applied with a modular conveyor that is replaceable on site.
    • PCB supply time is shortened as a result of high-speed shuttle conveyor operation.

    Minimized head path for improved equipment speed

    Twin Servo Control

    • Ensuring high-speed operation with a linear motor application to the Y axis, and twin servo control High-speed Flying Head
    • Minimized head movement path through recognizing parts during transportation following parts installation
    • 10-spindle head with individually operating Z axes

    High Reliability
    Placement Accuracy: ±40? (0402mm  01005inch)
    • Applied with a high-precision linear scale and rigid mechanism
    • Provides precision calibration algorithms and diverse automatic calibration functions
    Flexible Line Position

    Provides optimal line solutions through versatility and productivity improvement
    DECAN Line

    • Optimal line configuration from chips to uniquely-shaped components according to options setup equipment capable of responding to large-scale PCBs, which can be remodeled on site
    • Standard equipment can be remodeled on site to equipment capable of large-scale PCB handling. 
    • Responsive to a maximum 740 x 460mm PCB. Responsive to uniquely-shaped components (including tray components)
    • Responsive to a maximum 42mm IC when the stage vision option is applied
    Easy Operation 
    Strengthened equipment software operation convenience

    • Convenient production and editing of work programs with built-in equipment optimization software
    • Provision of a range of work data and information on a large-scale LCD screen 
    High-precision, convenient electric feeder
    • Calibration and maintenance-free electric feeder
    • Improved work convenience with a single reel bank mounted feeder 
    • Improved productivity through the provision of  automatic parts pick-up position alignment between feeders
    Reduced work load through parts connection automation (smart feeder)
    • Automatic loading and splicing capabilities implemented as an industry first 
    • Significant reduction in work time through feeder preparation and parts connection operation automation which were previously carried out manually 
    • Zero consumables costs for parts connection attained

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