Hanwha - EXCEN-PRO

  • Brand : Samsung
  • Item Number : 169-EXCEN-PRO
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  1. High Speed Modular Mounter 

    Realizes the World’s Highest Area Productivity
    As a high speed modular mounter that applies a high speed rotary head equipped with 16 nozzles, EXCEN realizes the world’s highest speed of 120,000 CPH among mounters of the same class as well as the world’s highest area productivity. In addition, it secures the reliability of fine chip placement by applying the function to monitor pre- and post-part placement, SVS (Side-view Vision System), and maximizes work convenience and actual productivity by applying various operation modes including non-stop device type change,mixed production of different boards as well as the SMART Feeder that realizes the world’s first Auto Splicing and Auto Loading functions.

    • 120,000 CPH(Optimum)
    • Ultra Slim Design with a Total Length of 1.25m
    • Applies High Rotary Modular Head
    • Side-view Vision System(SVS): Monitoring of pre- and post-part placement
    • Mixed Production of Different Boards/
    • Independent Production at the Front and Rear/
    • Non-stop Change-over of Device Types
    • High Speed and High Precision Feeder
    • SMART Feeder
     - The world’s first Auto Splicing and Auto Loading functions

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