Alpha - CVP520 42Sn/57.6BI/4AG Particle Size 3 - 600 Gram Cartridge

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  1. ALPHA® CVP-520 is designed to enable low temperature surface mount assembly technology. The lead-free alloy in ALPHA CVP-520 has a melting point below 140°C, and has been successfully used with peak reflow profiles between 155°C and 190°C. The flux residue from ALPHA CVP-520 is clear, colorless, and provides excellent electrical resistivity, exceeding industry standards. This product enables the elimination of an extra wave or selective wave soldering process when temperature sensitive through hole components are used in an assembly. Eliminating a wave soldering or selective soldering step can significantly lower the cost of producing an electronic assembly, increase daily throughput, eliminate the need for managing bar solder and wave soldering flux supplies and eliminate the need for pallets. The carefully selected Sn/Bi/Ag alloy in ALPHA CVP-520 was selected to give the lowest melting point, lowest pasty range during melting and re-solidification, along with a very fine grain structure, offering maximum resistance to thermal cycle based fatigue. The alloy also yields very low voiding BGA solder joints, even when a traditional SAC alloy sphere is used. The use of ALPHA Exactalloy™ performs may enable the elimination of selective wave soldering by providing additional solder volume when needed. All components used with ALPHA CVP-520 must be lead-free to eliminate the formation of tin/lead/bismuth intermetallic which has a melting point under 100ºC.

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