Techniglove - Nitrile Powder Free 9.5" Glove - 200 Gloves per Box - Extra Small

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  1. Rival 9.5" Exam Grade Nitrile gloves are accelerator free, powder free and low extractable. Rival's new soft modulus nitrile delivers the fit and feel of latex for the ultimate stretch and comfort. Microtextured fingertips provide excellent grip on all surfaces. Rival is 100% nitrile, contains no natural rubber, and is puncture resistant. Environmentally and economically conscious: packaged at 200 gloves/box to save space and reduce waste.

  2. Physical Properties
    Material100% Nitrile
    StyleAmbidextrous, Powder Free
    Length9.5" (240mm)
    Thickness4 mil (0.004")
    Grip SurfaceTextured Fingertips
    ColorThe New Blue
    Tensile StrengthBefore Aging (Mpa) > 17
    After Aging (Mpa) > 16
    Elongation (%) Specification:Before Aging 650 (min)
    After Aging 600 (min)
    Elongation (%) Typical Value:Before Aging 700
    After Aging 650
    Force at Break(N):Before Aging > 6
    After Aging > 6
    ESD Specification @ RH45-55%, Temp: 20-26C (Ref: ANSI/ESD- STM11.11/ANSI/ESD SPI5.1)
    Surface Resistivity (Ohm/sq):</= 10x11
    Decay Time (Second):</= 2.0
    Tribo Charge (Volt):</= 50

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