Shin-Etsu - RTV Sealant, Acetone, Paste - 100 Gram Tube, Transparent (MOQ 20)

Brand : Shin-Etsu
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  1. KE 348 silicone is an excellent general purpose, non-corrosive adhesive developed for many different applications. With its patented crosslinking system, KE 348 offers a fast curing alternative for other electronic grade silicone RTV. KE 348 will adhere to many substrates including glass, wood, ceramics, clean metals, other silicone elastomers, and plastics like ABS, polycarbonate, and PVC. KE348 is best suited as a blob encapsulant, it is a non –sag thixotropic paste that may be applied overhead or on sidewall joints and surfaces.

  2.   KE 348
    Uncured Properties Color White/Translucent
    Viscosity, cps Thixotropic
    Specific Gravity 1.05
    Cured Properties (7 days/20°C and 55% RH) Hardness, Shore-A 30
    Tensile Strength, (1b/in2) 355
    Elongation, % 410
    Shear Strength, Al-Al (1b/in2) *1 130
    Electrical Properties Dielectric Strength, volts/mil 500
    Dielectric Constant, 60 Hz 2.5
    Dissipation Factor, 60Hz .001
    Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm 1 x1015

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