Desco - Bench Top Ionizer

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  1. The Desco desktop Ionizer includes the following features:

    • Adjustable High Volume Output Air Flow To 117 CFM Maximum- Superior performance in neutralizing static charges at greater distances in a true laminar flow system.
    • Auto-Balanced AC Ionizing System with Less Than 2 Seconds Discharge Time at 12 inches
      Patented (US Patent #5,008,594) Faraday balance system ± 5 voltage offset to maintain a balanced ion output with less ion recombination
    • Gold Plated Emitters- Longer life and consistent performance
    • Multi-Mount Stand- Good for use on bench top or for custom mounting applications.
    • Fixed Temperature Heater- Removes chill from air for worker comfort and productivity
    • Grounding Jack- For operator personnel grounding with wrist strap or other grounding requirements
    • NIST Calibrated- Calibrated with accepted procedures and standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. For more information on calibration of Desco products, see Calibration
    • Made in America
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