Desco - Statfree T2 Lead Free Area Dissipative Dual Layer Rubber Mat - Bulk Roll - 24" x 24'

Brand : Desco
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  1. This material is a dual purpose rubber matting material. The two layer construction allows it to be used as a dissipative or a conductive matting product. The soft dissipative layer makes an excellent table mat, ideal for use in soldering and assembly areas. This rubber material has superior resistance to heat, abrasion, chemicals, and is easy to clean and maintain. Statfree T2™ material will not melt and does not burn when coming into contact with hot metal parts or soldering debris. It is amine, chloride, sulfide, alumina, and magnesia free. Statfree T2™ is suitable for use with continuous monitors. The green material identifies the work surface as a Lead-Free work zone.

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