AIMCO - A-50 Screw Presenter - #3, 2.6 mm Screw Size Rail

Brand : AIMCO
  • Item Number : 5-A-50B-3
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  1. An easy first step in adding automation to your assembly process The A-50 Series Screw Presenters are modular! A simple rail change and readjustment is all that's necessary to change a unit for use with a variety of screw sizes. Change from one fastener to another in less than five minutes

    • Presents fastener to operator for easy magnetic or vacuum pickup
    • For #0 - #10 screws
    • Feed speed of up to 2 screws per second
    • Requires use of magnetized bits or a vacuum system Flexible
    • Perfect for contract or dedicated assembly
    • Can switch rails in minutes for different screw sizes
    • Won't be obsolete when your product changes screw sizes Productive
    • Frees operator's other hand for productive use
    • Quick feed rate from oscillating hopper design
    • Large hopper holds about 1000 - 1500 fasteners
    • Solid design won't move - no tie downs or straps needed Ergonomic
    • Eliminates manual handling of fasteners and shavings
    • Keeps workspace clear of dripped fasteners Reliable
    • Modular design for simple repairs
    • Less inventory due to interchangeable rails Common Unit Specifications:

      • Feed Speed: 2 screws per second
      • Hopper Capacity: 1,200 pcs. (#4)
      • Dimensions (in): 5.1 (W) X 8.5 (L) X 5.3 (H)
      • Weight (lbs): 7.0
      • Power: DC 12V, 500mA (AC adapter included)

    *Additional rails are available for this product

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