Desco - Wrist Strap Bench Mounted Grounding Station with Parking Station

Brand : Desco
  • Item Number : 36-09741
  • Quantity on Hand : 12
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    • Price: $19.66
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  1. The wrist strap bench ground is a wrist strap ground connector and consists of a mounting bracket with two standard banana jacks installed and soldered to a ten foot ground wire terminated with a ring terminal with a 0.200" hole.

    • Ring terminal at end of ground cord
      Allows easy attachment to electrical ground
    • Mounts under the front edge of workstation
      Saves work space
    • 2 "Parking Studs"
      Helps prevent damage to wrist strap cord when not in use
    • Extra ring terminal included
      Allows for customizing cord length
    • Made in America
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