Alpha Metals - OM-5100 63Sn/37Pb Particle Size 3 Solder Paste - 700 Gram Cartridge

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  1. Alpha OM-5100 63Sn/37Pb Particle Size 3 Solder Paste

    Alpha OM-5100 allows for higher reflow yields with minimal paste deposit variation, solderballs and cosmetic defects, a wide print process window that speeds implementation and improves response to pause; and excellent joint cosmetics enable you to meet your demanding requirements.
  2. Process Benefit Alpha OM-5100 Attributes Performance Capability
    Print Process Window Print Definition Excellent print repeatability to 0.3 mm (12 mil) circles and 0.4 mm (16 mil) pitch QFP.
    Response to Pause Zero knead strokes required on 0.3 mm (12 mil) circle apertures and 0.4 mm (16 mil) pitch after 2 hour idle time
    Stencil Life No change in print characteristics after 8 hours continuous printing and passes IPC J-STD 005 tack procedure after 24 hours exposure to 25-75% Relative Humidity
    Print Cycle Time Squeegee Speed 25-150 mm/sec (1-6 in/sec)
    Wet Bridging Sensitivity Greater than 10 prints per wipe on 0.4 mm (16 mil) pitch QFP
    Reflow Yield Mid- Chip Solderballing Excellent mid-chip solderball performance even at 0.150 mm (6 mil) stencil thickness. Evaluated on laboratory testing procedure
    Random Solderballs ‘Preferred’ per IPC J-STD 005
    Post-Reflow Cosmetics Bright, smooth, shiny joints. Low volume and colorless to light amber flux residue, suitable for BGA and CSP component underfill performance.
    Pad Surface Compatibilty Excellent solder spread on CuOSP, NiAu, Immersion Ag – even after one prior reflow.
    Pin Testability Greater than 92% first pass strike on over 10,000 test points (evaluated in laboratory testing based on flat pad and via in pad designs)

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