The Power of One


It’s about focus. It’s about streamlining.
It’s about the convenience and efficiency.
It’s about saving you time and money.
That’s The Power of One.
And it’s central to our philosophy
here at Murray Percival 

Reap the myriad benefits of fewer shipments and fewer purchase orders. When you choose Murray Percival Co, you benefit from a convenient and efficient resource for thousands of MRO products and equipment at the very best prices; a proven technical sales force to answer your questions and offer solutions; and most importantly, a partner with over 50 years of experience to save you time, reduce your costs and improve your processes.

All this knowledge, resource and expertise is focused in one place and delivered with enthusiasm
  – that’s
The Power of One.

While our exciting online business delivers the speed and focus advantages
of The Power of One philosophy, our core business principles still apply:

Honesty.  Integrity.  Loyalty.  Simply doing what’s right.
  • Strong relationships make getting things done much easier.

  • Our online tools help you make informed decisions.

  • Field sales reps to help you choose and use products.

  • Dedicated inside sales rep who knows how you like to do business.
  • Consolidation saves you time and money.
  • Better manage hazardous shipping to reduce your cost.

  • Specialized vendor managed inventory programs.

  • Reduced purchase orders and receiving time.
  • We continually evaluate market trends and competitive prices.

  • We offer discounted pricing to EVP customers.

  • We have flexible packaging options.

  • We are always adding competitive brands.

Everything we do is designed to help our customers deliver products that make our world safer, healthier, and more enjoyable.

We make a difference by living our core values
Here’s how:

  • We do the right things to help others, always!
  • We care about others and strive to build personal relationships.
  • We love to share our knowledge to help find solutions to problems.
  • We bring enjoyment, enthusiasm and fun to the job – every day!    

How do we provide great value?

  • Our supplier base is extensive. It’s a great resource to help solve your problems.
  • Interacting as a team all day long. There’s no better knowledge bank when you need answers fast.
  • Invest in technology to make our work efficient and our solutions effective.
  • Bending over backwards because we get great satisfaction by helping people.
Discover it for yourself! Log on and look: