Totech - SDR-52 Dryroom

Totech - SDR-52 Dryroom

SDR-52 Dryroom

Totech - SDR-52 Dryroom

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  • 175-SDR52
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The SDR-52 dry room has an outstanding performance for drying moisture sensitive components, PCB’s and other moisture sensitive products. 

The 5000 series Dynamic Drying Unit reaches very reliable, low humidity values of 0.5% RH and automatically regenerates when necessary. 

Regeneration times are reduced due to the closed loop control of the Dry Unit which automatically responds to atmospheric change and frequent door openings. 

The relevant process data is obtained by use of an accurate Rotronic sensor. Data can be exported from the cabinet via RS232 with optional software.


  • User friendly handling:
  • Display with easy menu structure
  • ESD features:
  • Different materials can be requested. Static safe 10-12 Ohm/sq, conductive 10-6 Ohm/sq or even hard grounded
  • Insulation:
  • 80 mm sandwich polyurethane construction
  • Body:
  • Painted in white steel plated RAL 9010
  • Data logging:
  • Integrated data logger over Sensor with standard 2000 measuring points (optional software is required)
  • Online read out:
  • RS 232 interface for data (optional software is required)
  • Door & humidity alarm buzzer:
  • Longer door openings are detected, high RH levels are detected
  • Flooring:
  • 80 mm flooring, delivered with 1.5 mm stainless steel, anti-slip pressure plate
  • Lockable doors:
  • Every door can be locked individually with a key
  • U 5000 series Drying Unit:
  • < 0.5% RH, made in Germany
  • Rotronic sensor:
  • Precision sensor, accuracy +/- 0.8 % RH, +/- 0.3°C
  • Power supply:
  • Power cord 5 meter with IEC plug


  • Recovery time after door opening
  • < 60 minutes to below 1% (with 1 door opening)
  • Temperature stability
  • An even temperature throughout the drying cabinet as a result of the use of a radialfan and an insulated sandwich construction 0.24 Watt/m2 K according to DIN 52612 (If heater is installed). Accuracy +/- 2%
  • Temperature setting
  • Heating up to 60°C (if heater is installed)
  • Energy saving consumption
  • As a result of a Dynamic Dry Unit, sandwich construction with insulating 80 mm polyurethane
  • Network
  • Optional
  • IPC
  • According to IPC/JEDEC-JSTD 033C and IPC-1601
  • European Quality
  • Made in Germany
  • Maintenance
  • Easy to service, low maintenance
  • Panel construction
  • Different sizes of panel available
  • Shelves
  • Possible to add shelving
  • Trolleys
  • Different sizes of trolleys available
  • Flooring
  • Different pressure plates available (heavy duty weight)