ITW EAE - Vitronics Soltec - Centurion Reflow

ITW EAE - Vitronics Soltec - Centurion Reflow

Vitronics Centurion reflow oven

ITW EAE - Vitronics Soltec - Centurion Reflow

  • 40-Centurion
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The Centurion platform is the latest evolution in a long history of reflow systems that have proven their capability worldwide and established a reputation for superior reliability. Robust design combined with the industry’s best heat transfer system consistently deliver benchmark thermal performance, precise process control, and superior value in a 24/7 environment.

Industry-leading Thermal Performance

With Centurion’s new design backed by our experiences with its prior generations, we achieved better thermal transfer even

with wider process chamber.  Our knowledge and experience in process control ensure repeatability across the ovens required

by the most demanding customers and the most challenging process requirements in the world. 

Cost of Ownership

With the design of efficient heat transfer, Centurion provides low energy consumption.  Its reliable and robust design backed

by our SMT experiences and capabilities for over 20 years ensures high uptime even with the toughest reflow

requirements. Our patented Cathox further reduces cost of ownership by reducing the maintenance needs through cutting-edge

technology of flux treatment.

Maintenance and Accessibility

We know that customers spend most of their maintenance time on flux, so we designed our patented Cathox to decompose

flux out of the chamber that requires minimum maintenance cycle in the industry.  

Centurion’s design also ensures that where maintenance is required, customers can have easy access and do the maintenance

job with limited tools required.