Florachem offers a broad line of high performance, citrus-based cleaning agents, marketed under the CitraFlor brand name. Considered low toxicity and environmentally responsible, CitraFlor citrus cleaners are well suited for range of solvent cleaning and degreasing applications. CitraFlor products are specially made using higher purity citrus terpenes to minimize odor and non-volatile residue, ideal for use in a manufacturing environment.
Florachem also offers VaporFlor 4.5, a versatile n-propyl bromide (nPB) solvent for vapor degreasing processes and AquaFlor Board Clean for aqueous cleaning in water-based systems.
Florachems high performance cleaning products are used to clean precision parts such as circuit assemblies, wire and cable, transporation parts, and medical devices, where cleanliness is considered critical for reliability. These cleaning agents are also used extensively as maintenance solvents for cleaning assembly and process equipment, such as stencils, industrial molds and conveyors.
CitraFlor, AquaFlor and VaporFlor cleaning products are excellent drop-in replacements for several competitive cleaning technologies. Please contact us today for help with product selection, use instructions, economics, and samples. 

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