Our Company

Our History

Our company was founded on January 4th, 1960, and subsequently incorporated in the state of Michigan as the Murray A. Percival Company.  60 years ago, Murray was a pioneer servicing an emerging industry, one that has become a key component in the worldwide market of today's manufactured goods. The Murray Percival Company is now the leading supplier to the Midwest's electronics industry and offers thousands of consumable products as well as in-line capital equipment for the repair and assembly of PCBs

Our Core Values

The Murray Percival Company was built on Murray Sr's strong foundation of honesty, integrity, loyalty and just plain doing what's right. His goal in business was not only to provide for his family, but to be a provider to his employees and their families as well. He often said that their families were his families and it was important to him that they were given a chance to grow along with the company. Growth not just measured financially but morally and spiritually as well.
Everything we do is designed to help our customers deliver products that make our world safer, healthier, and more enjoyable. We make a difference by living our core values.

Rooted In Loyalty, Driven To Believe, Connected Through Hard Work
Murray Percival Jr
Owner/Product Support/Inside Sales
Mark Percival Sr.
Warehouse Manager
Mike Morgan
Business Development Manager
(W. MI & N. IN) - Dave Meert
Integrator /Sales Manager
Murray Percival III
Inside Sales Lead
Becky Stearley
Business Development Manager
(E. MI) - Matt Percival
Operations/Inside Sales
Laura Martin
Marketing, Web and Accounting Manager
Mark Percival Jr
Inside Sales/MARCOM Support
Mike Evans
Business Development Manager
(N. OH & PA) - Josh Funk
Business Development Manager
(S. OH, S. IN & KY) - Rayne Lythjohan
Accounting Administrator
Brenda Bennett
Business Development Manager
(IL & WI) - Bruce Clark