Our Web Store

Creating an Account

Our web store allows users to browse and purchase from our store as a guest or as a registered user. To create a registered user account simply click on the Account icon in the top right corner of the home page and click Sign InYou will then be directed to a new screen where you can sign in with your credentials if you are already a registered user OR at the bottom you can click Create an Account where you will be prompted to enter in standard contact info to create your account

My Account

If you are a registered user with our site you have multiple features to enhance your shopping experience with us. We have created a hybrid C2C and B2C e-commerce site to include both types of shopping experience. See below for some of the high level features that having an account with us has to offer.
(please note that some options and sections may not be available to users depending on their permission levels set by the account administrator, if you have any permissions issues please contact our web team 800 405-1730)

In the orders section of your account you are able to look into your orders history and status, sales quotes, search your orders and quotes, look at your purchased item history and your quick order history. All of these sections are easily search able along with specific filters to allow you to find exactly what you are looking for in the quickest way possible

My Favorites
On our site you have the ability to add any item on our store to your favorites while on the product page. In the "My Favorites" section you have the ability to view, edit and share your favorites with others via e-mail

We want to make sure our customer have access to all of their order history including payments and invoices. Within the "Payments" section customers are able to look up their invoice history, transaction (payments) history as well as view, edit and delete their credit card details. See more info below in the "Paying Invoices Online" section on how to payoff and manage your invoices.

Account Settings
Within your account settings users can change their e-mail address/login details and password. You are also able to edit your address book, control your e-mail preferences and select your preferred payment method within this section. Account administrators of your company can also edit sub user information and edit permissions within the contacts section of your Account Settings.

Paying Invoices Online

Our web store allows registered users to view all of their financial history as well including invoices that are paid and due, transaction history and payment details. See the steps below for paying your invoice(s) through our web store.

1. You must first have an account with us, please see the Creating an Account" section at the top to see how to register. Once you have an account with us please make sure you are logged in by clicking on the Account button in the top right ribbon of the web store.
Murray Percival Co. webstore heading

2. Once you are logged in and viewing your account homepage click on invoice history under the "Payments" section in the left hand menu.
  Account options

3. Once you are in the My Invoices section you can select your preferred view of invoices from the "Show Invoices" drop down. You can select due invoice, created invoices and all invoices within selected date ranges.
  Show invoices drop down

4. After selecting the view of invoices you want to see a table of your invoices will populate. This table will include all invoices that have been processed with our company dating back to September 30th, 2019. The table allows you to view the invoice number, the invoice date and due date, total amount of the invoice, amount paid on the invoice and amount pending for the invoice. In the far left column you can select invoices you would like to pay, you can pay individually or group multiple invoices together to pay at once. If you would like to pay all of your invoices at once select the top left check box next to "pay" in the top row.

 example of invoice
Some invoices will show a "not allowed" symbol indicating that invoice can't be paid because it has already been paid, avoiding any duplicate payments. The far right column also has check boxes which allow you to select invoices you would like to include in an export list, select your preferred invoices or select all by checking the top box and press the "Export" button to produce an Invoice Detail or Invoice Summary list.

5. Lastly once you have selected the invoice(s) you would like to pay you can scroll down and select which credit card you would like to pay with OR you can enter in new payment details to pay with. If you enter new payment details you have the option to save the card and either share or not share that information with others on your account. Once you have the proper payment info you can select the Pay via Secure server*.
 Adding credit card example
*we encrypt your credit card information the entire time it is in our possession - during transmission or storage. Your credit card information is secured using PCI standards.

Enhanced Product Detail and Selection

We want to make it easy for you to find exactly what you need so we have multiple ways for you to search our store for products.

Shop By Product Family - Our homepage has the main product families that we support on our site, click into he tiles to explore that product family.
Shop By Brand - All brands that we represent can be found by clicking on the "Brand" button in the top ribbon of our site.
Keyword / Item Search - Use the search bar located at the top right of our page to search for part numbers, item titles and descriptions based off of your need.
Narrow By - Left side navigation tool that provides a significant advantage towards finding your exact product quickly. Narrow By selection filters include: Product Family, Product Type, Dimensions, Brand and More Ways to Shop. Of course color, size and other important criteria are also available. "More ways to shop" offers further filtering. You can also quickly check what is in stock at the time too, but don't forget we can also drop ship directly from our supplies to get you your items as quickly as possible!

Product Information - Descriptions, pictures, specifications, data sheets and material data safety sheets (if applicable) are available for review on all product detail pages. If you do NOT see what you are looking for please contact us and we would be happy to help! orders@murraypercival.com / (800) 405-1730

cartoon man If you can’t find what you are looking for on our site please give us a call. We would be happy to check our inventory or source whatever it is you need to find the best solution for your process. You can call our Auburn Hills HQ at (800) 405-1730, Monday – Friday between 8:00AM – 5:00PM EDT or e-mail us at info@murraypercival.com 

As always, thank you for your business! 

Specials and Current Promotions

Marketing to our customer base, as well as prospective customers is a great way for us to maintain relationships and introduce ourselves to a wider audience in our industry. From time to time, we will promote new products, offer special discounts and provide valuable information about improving processes and increasing productivity. If you ever have questions or comments about our promotions, you can always contact our marketing department, inside sales reps, or business development managers (BDM). We want to make sure that you are taking full advantage of all we have to offer. 

And if all of this wasn't enough, you can always pick up the phone and call one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We are here to answer questions and solve your problems. (800)-405-1730