Are you losing money with 
managed MRO?
The Enhanced Vendor Partnership program supported by Murray Percival Co. uses track and trace automation to replenish inventory, cut costs and reduce waste.
     Reduce Your Cost of Procurement
Automated Replenishment: Tracked consumption allows for streamlined automated replenishment to insure products are available for production when needed.
Touch Screen Scanner: Intuitive scanner with limited process steps required to complete receiving and consumption of inventory.
Wireless Operating System: The STORM scanner integrates wirelessly with MP requiring no additional software or PC.
License Plate Receiving (LP): Eliminate time needed to receive inventory by utilizing MP’s license plate feature. At receipt of shipment simply scan one barcode to receive all items into inventory.
Lot Tracking: At receipt and consumption of product lot numbers are captured with one simple scan.
Inventory and Shelf life reporting: Review real time inventory quantities, available lot numbers, and remaining shelf life by percent.
Accountability: Individual Login and PIN numbers per user support security and consumption tracking.
Point of use tracking: During consumption select the location or process within the facility in which that product will be utilized. This information is useful when reviewing utilization. (What went where?)
Consolidated Shipping: Cut freight costs. Multiple shipments and rising hazardous fees are often over-looked, but in fact raise the true cost per item. The automated replenishment of Murray Percival’s EVP program consolidates weekly shipments.
Consolidated Billing: Reduce invoices to one per week with our consolidated billing process. Items consumed throughout the week are aggregated to one invoice.
The EVP program has proven to reduce purchase orders, expired material, inventory levels, inventory shortages and freight costs. The integral scan, track, and replenishment process streamlines procurement and eliminates non value added tasks.

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The Murray Percival Company can evaluate your company’s MRO process to find out if you are a prime candidate for the EVP Program. We offer a comprehensive range of services that can virtually eliminate your MRO issues, and positively affect your company’s bottom line.

"The EVP program has been a welcome addition for Key Electronics. The people at Murray Percival have been great to work with, and the program is going very well. After implementing it in Nov. 2011, we didn’t realize how much time we were spending issuing PO after PO for supplies. It’s amazing to see the difference. Thanks."                       
Lori, Buyer, Key Electronics, Inc.