ERSA Swap Program

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Industry leading Kurtz Ersa is still running the soldering station swap program, hurry and take advantage before its over! More information below.

1. ERSA Solder Stations Swap Program allows you to swap your old soldering stations for either an ERSA i-CON Nano MK2 or ERSA i-CON 1 MK2 absolutely FREE!* We want our customers to know that we are here to provide the best solutions for you even if it means giving these stations away.

2. ERSA i-CON TRACE now available. The world's most connected soldering station that gives you premium performance at a minimum cost. Contact us today for bulk buy discounts on the i-CON TRACE.

If you are interested in taking advantage of any of these great deals, please fill out the form below. Our inside team will get you al the details you need and get started!
Terms and conditions apply, please refer to your sales rep for full details and requirements*
ERSA i-Con 1 Soldering Station

Benefits of new ERSA MK2 Solder Stations

 - ERSA stations are more powerful
 - New Tip N' Turn concept for quicker tip change
 - Thicker plating means longer tip life
 - Longer tip life means you save money!