Hanwha  - SM471 - Chip Shooter

Hanwha - SM471 - Chip Shooter

Hanwha  Chip Shooter, Pick and Place, SMT

Hanwha - SM471 - Chip Shooter

  • Hanwha
  • 169-SM471
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Flexible High Speed Chip Shooter
As a high performance chip shooter that applies two gantries equipped with 10 spindles per head as well as new flying vision, the SM471 realizes a chip mounting speed of 75,000 CPH, the highest in the world among chip shooters of the same class. In addition, it is applicable to 0402 chips to the largest ? 14mm ICs by default and increases actual productivity and placement quality by applying an electrically driven high speed and high precision feeder. Moreover, it is designed for mixed use with the SM pneumatically driven feeder to maximize the customers’ operational convenience.

  • 75,000 CPH(Optimum)
  • 2 Gantry x 10 Spindle/Head
  • Applicable Parts : 0402 ~ ? 14mm(H 12mm)
  • Applicable PCB : Max. 510(L) x 460(W)(Standard) / Max. 610(L) x 460(W)(Option)
  • Electrically Driven High Speed and High Precision Feeder: Allows mixed use with an SM pneumatically driven feeder
  • SMART Feeder
   - The world’s first feeder equipped

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