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  1. Techspray

    **The Murray Percival Company is proud to offer "The Power of One" for all Techspray  products on our new Web Store. All registered customers are qualified to take advantage of "The Power of One" which is one source, one shipment and one low price. Simply register and log-in to take advantage of this competitive price program which is included with "The Power of One". Once logged-in, you will see updated prices on all Techspray products regardless of what pricing tier you are currently qualified for.**

    Techspray produces products that cut through baked-on flux and leave no ionic residues that can migrate to PCBs and lead to board failures. Techspray solvents and water-based cleaners come in a large variety of formulas for specific cleaning applications. Grease and oil flow right off, reducing the time and materials needed to scrub off stubborn soils. Choosing a strong, high-quality cleaner saves time and money in the long-run. 

    For help registering or additional information, contact us at 1-800-405-1730 or e-mail