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  1. Soldering, Desoldering, Rework

    Shop soldering, desoldering and rework products here at Murray Percival. Select from circuit board repair products, to hot air rework stations and everything in between. We offer SMD repair, solder suckers, chip removal products, desoldering stations, fume extractors and soldering irons. When it comes to soldering and desoldering we also carry the top of the line accessories including desoldering braid, heating elements, solder wick, solder pots, solder tips, chip removal tips, SMD removal tips along with desoldering tips and desoldering irons. Pick from a wide array of stations, including: digital soldering stations, BGA rework stations, SMD rework stations and solder rework stations. The Murray Percival Company carries all top of the line brands, including Pace, Aven, ERSA, Steinel, Plato and Easybraid.