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  1. Static Control

    **The Murray Percival Company is proud to offer "The Power of One" for all Static Control products on our Web Store. All registered customers are qualified to take advantage of "The Power of One" which is one source, one shipment and one low price. Simply register and log-in to take advantage of this competitive price program which is included with "The Power of One". Once logged-in, you will see updated prices on all Static Control products regardless of what pricing tier you are currently qualified for.**

    Find ESD static control products at the Murray Percival Co. When it comes to Static control we offer everything from ESD air ionizers, anti static guns, bench top ionizers, to ESD bags, ESD lotion, ESD training and ESD grounding products. We offer many different types products, including ESD heel grounders, wrist straps, foot straps, ESD gloves, smocks, antistatic mats, ESD mats and ESD cleaners. Select from popular brands like Desco, EMIT, Quantum, Menda, Protektive Pak, and Techwear.