Swanstrom - Long Nose Pliers, Serrated Jaw, Heavy Duty, Ergo Handle

Brand : Swanstrom
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  1. Swanstrom tools are scientifically inspected and tested at key production stages. Touch tests are performed on tool edges, tip, joints and springs to confirm all functions ideal.
    Swanstrom Super Pliers™ are made with high chromium, high carbon alloy steel for strength and tool longevity.
    They also feature:

    • Polished inside jaws and beveled edges prevent nicks and maximize cleanliness
    • High chrome, high carbon alloy steel for bearings and edges. Aircraft grade bearing quality E52100 steel hardened to HRC 65 and then tempered to ideal for intended work
    • Stainless steel double-action adjustable leaf springs
    • Soft Touch™ static dissipative, anti-fatigue foam grips
    • Wider bodies for better bearing properties and strength
    • Stainless Scrivets™ for lubricity, adjustability and cleanliness

  2. Nose style: Long nose
    Nose length: N/A
    Jaw type: Serrated
    Jaw length: 1.85"
    Tip width: 0.08"
    Tip thickness: 0.06"
    Tool length: 7.95" Ergo
    Handle type: ESD cushion grip
    Joint type: Rivet/Screw

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