O.C. White - Ergo Zoom Microscope - LED Ring Light

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  1. Our TKEZ-850 package is the first in our Ergo-Zoom™ series. The key to this series is our new Ergo-Zoom™ microscope models. This model has a standard magnification range of 8-50x, and has detented magnification stops for reliable, standardized inspection. Magnification range of this model, with all options, is up to 200x. Included standard by O.C. White is the ergonomically adjustable eyepiece head. You can choose what angle works with your eyes, and application, best. They swivel up and downwards from 0-50°. Included standard with all sets are our wide focus, large diameter 10x eyepieces. .5x Auxiliary lens is included standard with this package for increased working distance. Due to its optical design, this binocular microscope can be converted into a Trinocular model with the addition of the EZ-SPLITTER. This is installed in line of the optics, and is a "true" Trinocular… no eyepiece loss when in use!

    This package features a heavy duty, double ball bearing arm base. This ball bearing arm provides effortless motion through the range, as well as 20" of horizontal movement. This ESD safe base is built for years of perfect use, without needing any maintenance. The enclosed ball bearing sleeves are specially designed for long use. Articulating Armatures are also available for this microscope series, for specialized applications, but are not typically recommended for this level microscope.

    This microscope line is manufactured to use any ESD Safe, Micro-Lite™ illuminator. Our recommended selection is our High Output LV2000 LED Ring Illuminator (-LV2). This array uses very minimal electricity, never has bulbs to replace, and is warrantied for 5 years/50,000 Hours (Pro-rated). It also meets and exceeds the light output of many 150w Halogen fiber optic units on the market today!

    • LV2000 | High Intensity Dimmable LED

    EZ-SPLITTER Trinocular Converter + 2 Camera Viewing Options Available

    • High Sensitivity Camera with 19" LCD
    • 1.3MP Digital Camera w/ Software
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