Eubanks - Airstrip 2700, Pneumatic Wire Stripper - 8 AWG to 32 AWG

  • Brand : Eubanks
  • Item Number : 130-Airstrip-2700
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  1. The AirStrip 2700 can cut and strip solid and stranded conductor wire, and even multi-conductor cable, with a huge variety of insulation types, in sizes ranging from 32 to 8 AWG, max. 0.290 in. O.D. (0.03 to 8.6mm 2, max. 7mm O.D.). It does this at blinding speeds of up to 10,800 pieces per hour.

    It is microprocessor-controlled, highly reliable, and easy to operate. Because it does so much, the AirStrip 2700 is sure to be our most popular air stripper.

    It's so flexible that it can process wire lengths from 1.0 in. to 8,333 feet (25mm to 2,000m) long and can be easily converted from inch to metric measurements via the machine's keyboard.

    Up to 1,000 programs containing separate wire length, batch quantity, and mark spacing combinations can be stored in the machine. From its console, the operator can select and run programs, step the machine through a complete cycle, and switch from single- to multiple-action.

    But wire stripping quality and productivity depend on strip-blade sharpness over time. This is where Eubanks clearly excels. Eubanks manufactures all of their own blades using their proprietary processes. These processes assure high-precision performance over a long service life.
    2 in. (59mm) 10,800 pcs/hr
    4 in. (102mm) 10,080 pcs/hr
    10 in. (254mm) 7,200 pcs/hr
    20 in. (508mm) 5,520 pcs/hr
    100 in. (2,540mm) 1,515 pcs/hr
    500 in. (12,700mm) 411 pcs/hr
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