Eubanks - Airstrip 2745, Pneumatic Wire Stripper - Steel Cable

  • Brand : Eubanks
  • Item Number : 130-Airstrip-2745
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  1. Small steel cables are used for everything from automobile clutches to bicycle braking systems to computer security devices-anywhere you need strength and flexibility.

    The problem is in maintaining quality cuts when processing in high volume. Eubanks has solved this problem with the AirStrip 2745. A special steel cutter blade cuts steel cable to length and die-type blades strip the outside jacket off each end at remarkably high speeds.

    The cable is cut and processed to a maximum diameter of 0.068 in. (1.7mm) for the steel conductor. Strip lengths range from 0.375 to 1.312 in. (9mm to 33mm).
    2 in. (59mm) 9,930 pcs/hr
    4 in. (102mm) 8,580 pcs/hr
    10 in. (254mm) 6,110 pcs/hr
    20 in. (508mm) 4,130 pcs/hr
    100 in. (2,540mm) 1,150 pcs/hr
    500 in. (12,700mm) 250 pcs/hr
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