Desco - Full Coverage Foot Grounder - Small

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    • Unique Design Requires No Fastening System
      Flexible material that stretches over most shoes for quick and easy installation
    • Contact Points on Foot’s Sole and Heel Area
      Charge generation is generally lower than conventional heel straps due to the continuous path to ground throughout walking motion. Click here for full report from Affinity Static Control Consulting LLC.
    • Neoprene Rubber With No Exposed Carbon
      Will not mar shoes or floors - reducing maintenance costs of touching up on floors
    • 18" Long, 8 Conductive Strand Nylon Polyester Grounding Tab
      Additional conductive material provides reliable connection with operator’s sweat-layer
    • One Megohm Series Resistor
      To protect operator from accidental contact with equipment line voltage
    • UL Listed
      Independently reviewed for adequacy of the product's design
    • Date Coded
      Provides lot traceability to ensure quality control and tracking information
    • Made in America
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