MicroCare - VeriClean Flux Remover - 1 Gallon Minipail

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  1. No-Clean Flux Remover-VeriClean™ is the industry's best choice for cleaning "no-clean" fluxes and pastes. It also is an excellent degreaser, and is often used on other types of fluxes and pastes, organic residues, ionics, silicone-based conformal coatings, adhesives, grease and oils. It's a versatile stencil cleaner, adhesive remover and general precision cleaner.  It is ideal for cleaning thru-hole and SMT designs, getting under BGA chips, and rinsing residues from connectors. It dissolves even fully-cured silicone conformal coatings and swells silicone tubing. It dries briskly, has very little aroma, leaves no residues, is non-corrosive and ESD-safe. VeriClean™ is safe on all common components and materials. With ingredients used in cosmetics, VeriClean™ also is very safe for people.  VOC exempt. Ozone-safe. Very low global warming factor. Flammable. TriggerGrip™ compatible. StatZAP™ compatible.

    • Removes silicone-based conformal coatings
    • Dries briskly, low aroma, no residues, no rinsing
    • Very safe for people and the planet
    • Flammable

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