MicroCare - Stencil Roll Wipe - DEK 265 Sontara Paper

Brand : MicroCare
  • Item Number : 64-MCC-J119DA
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    • Price: $25.97
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  1. A narrower stencil roll to minimize waste while printing smaller stencils featuring "Solventless" MicroWipe FP stencil wiping paper. Extra strip of adhesive tape on the core to speed change-outs.

  2. Core Length: 20.87"
    Core ID: .78"
    Core OD: .875"
    Core Material: Plastic
    Core Notch: Yes
    Matieral: Solventless Mocri Wipe FP Paper
    Material Width: 15.75"
    Max OD: NA
    Extension: .256" Both

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