MicroCare - ProClean Flux Remover - 100 Pre-Saturated Wipes

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  1. These Alcohol-Enhanced Flux Remover- ProClean™ presat wipes are the best-selling presaturated wipe from MicroCare because they deliver excellent cleaning at a very affordable price. They can be used on all types of stencils, misprinted boards, and can remove any type of solder paste including lead-free. Because it contains no water, the cleaning fluid is significantly stronger and more aggressive than ordinary alcohol cleaners. Since it is a combination of three ultra-pure alcohols, it works very well on rosin fluxes, OA fluxes, synthetic fluxes and most “no-cleans.” 100% volatile, the liquid evaporates cleanly and rinsing is never required. These presaturated wipes feature the popular "slam-shut" lid, which extends the shelf life even when the package has been opened. (No other company features this clever, customer-oriented and money-saving feature.) There are 100 8"x5" Wipes in each tub. The wipe itself is an ultra-pure, high-strength polyester fabric — not paper — that will not leave lint or residues on the stencils.  Uniquely, these Stencil Wipes have the industry's only unlimited shelf-life. Non-corrosive and ESD-safe. 100% volatile. No residues. Made from renewable resources. Biodegradable (liquid only). Completely ozone-safe. Low  GWP. 100% VOC. Flammable.

    • The best-selling presaturated wipe from MicroCare
    • Excellent cleaning at a very affordable price
    • A water-free combination of three ultra-pure alcohols
    • Features the exclusive and popular "slam-shut" lid, which extends the shelf life even when opened
    • 100 8"x5" ultra-pure, high-strength polyester fabric wipes in each tub
    • The industry's only unlimited shelf-life.

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