Alpha - OM-338 SAC305 Particle Size 3 Solder Paste - 1200 Gram Cartridge

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  1. OM-338 solder paste delivers high reflow yields across a wide range of thermal profiles, including boards with thermal differentials. It has extremely effective vertical lead wetting, supporting increased mechanical joint strength and the excellent hot slump performance minimizes post reflow solder shorts.

    In addition, OM-338 provides a wide print process window. The repeatable ultra-fine (0.25 mm circles and 0.4mm pitch components) feature volumes deliver a high yielding lead free print process. Print temperature performance ranges between 19°C and 29°C minimizing environment related defects.

    Alpha OM-338 also delivers excellent voiding performance and is well suited for high yielding BGA processes. OM-338 is compatible with both Tin-Lead and Lead-Free solder ball BGA components.

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